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X-Wing Starfighter Car

This is WAY too cool not to write about. It would seem that the geeky owner of this Honda Del Sol has converted his entire car to look like a StarWars X-Wing starfighter. Except for the lack of wings, it looks pretty decent … not that I would ever drive such a thing…. heh heh. […]

Rocket Bicycle Powered by Tar

This rocket powered bicycle reminds me of something “Tim the Tool Man” might build. The rocket bike is powered by a 200-pound-thrust rocket engine that uses roofing tar as the propellant, and a model rocket motor as the igniter. Capable of doing 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds and up to 147 miles per […]

Picture above was taken as a comparison of McDonald’s fries and “local diner” fries, after five days of being left out in the open to spoil. Isn’t it amazing what modern preservatives can do? I wonder what that does to our bodies…? Found at: Cynical-C Blog

According to the article in the Daily Mail, special forces in the US army may soon be scrapping traditional parachutes for 6 foot rigid wings, which would allow them to glide up to 120 miles from their drop point to the insertion point, carrying 200 pounds of equipment. Future versions of the wings may also […]

This is not a Blimp. It’s a sort of flying Queen Mary 2 that could change the way you think about air travel. It’s the Aeroscraft, and when it’s completed, it will ferry pampered passengers across continents and oceans as they stroll leisurely about the one-acre cabin or relax in their well-appointed staterooms. Unlike its […]

Now this is my kind of parking!  No more worrying about who is breaking into my car in the garage.  With this I would just need to look out the window.  Very Sweet! …a German company called Car Loft has designed and is slated to start construction on an apartment building in Berlin that includes […]

First hybrid cars, now hybrid bikes. This electric powered bike lets you pedal or just cruise to work with ease, at up to 20 miles in an hour with no pedalling. Then, once you’re at work, you can fold it up and stick it by your desk. Pretty sweet, though I’d go for the m-750X […]

The Quadski

Not sure if the Quadski is legit or not, because I couldn’t find anywhere to buy them, but if it is, I’d sure like one. This Quad turns from a land vehicle into a water craft in 5 seconds and at the push of a button. Top speed of 72 km/h (50 mph). Found on:Gizmowatch

Originally referred to me by Sheldon, the Dell XPS M2010 is a 20 pound desktop/notebook/briefcase that nearly caused me to start another blog category. “Semi-useless but Expensive Stuff”. Found featured here. While I’m sure there are some who might find this thing useful, I’d be more inclined towards the gamer machine a few pages over.

I used to think laser tag was kinda lame, but these guys really get into it! Apparently, the US military has set up an entire region to look like places and towns that soldiers might encounter over-seas. This is the final test in their training. This is the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, […]


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