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So I think I’ve found the next car I’d like to buy for commuting purposes. The MDI Air Car runs completely on compressed air, and can be driven up to 200-300 KM’s on a single tank of air. It has no pollution, and in fact uses some of the air from the exhaust for air […]

The University of Alberta is working to develop what they hope will be a cheap and simple cure for cancer. Apparently, a simple molecule called dichloroacetate or DCA (pictured above) is currently being tested as a treatment to shrink cancerous tumours. According to research done by a 1930 biochemist named Otto Warburg, cancerous cells use […]

Scientists at Duke University in North Carolina have just unveiled the worlds first real cloaking device. Right now the cloak only works with microwave light, but will actually distort the light around the object to be cloaked, that when the cloaking device is turned on the object would almost completely disappear. Ulf Leonhardt is a […]

Sony appears to be researching and developing a way to make electronic items with selectively flexible joints so that you can fold up the cell phone or PDA when not in use in order to take less space. When you want to use the item, a current passed through the gel inside causes it to […]

For many years now cars have recharged their batteries using alternators. One day soon this may change, as researchers at MIT are developing an alternate method of converting energy to electricity. Researchers at MIT are developing new technology for converting heat into light and then into electricity that could eventually save fuel in vehicles by […]

Hey, this is cool… Toshiba is coming out with a prototype fuel-cell powered laptop.  Just give it a squirt of methanol from a cartridge and you’re all powered up.  Apparently it’ll run the laptop for about 10 hours, and according to the article on BBC News, after two hours of use, the battery was mearly […]

This has got to be one of the coolest inventions I’ve seen lately. Looks like the military is working on a new “invisibility shield” that actually bends light to make you disappear. Wired News: Military Seeks Invisibility Cloak


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