Life Saving

The University of Alberta is working to develop what they hope will be a cheap and simple cure for cancer. Apparently, a simple molecule called dichloroacetate or DCA (pictured above) is currently being tested as a treatment to shrink cancerous tumours. According to research done by a 1930 biochemist named Otto Warburg, cancerous cells use […]

I thought it might be appropriate to write a more personal entry and give you a little bit of background on me as the author of this blog. So, allow me to tell you a little about who I am and what I do. My name is James, and at my real job (ie not […]

CPR Under Water

In many cases when a person is drowning, by the time a life-guard can get them to the surface and/or to land, it is too late to try and administer CPR. This may soon change, with the production of the O’C’N Rescue Can. With the help of this tool, a life-guard can now administer CPR […]


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