I am very excited to announce my release of a new WordPress plugin called AmazonFeed.  This plugin will allow you to make money on your website as an affiliate.  It enables you to automatically advertise products from which are specifically related to the topic you are writing about. Features: Automatically load category or […]

The University of Alberta is working to develop what they hope will be a cheap and simple cure for cancer. Apparently, a simple molecule called dichloroacetate or DCA (pictured above) is currently being tested as a treatment to shrink cancerous tumours. According to research done by a 1930 biochemist named Otto Warburg, cancerous cells use […]

I thought it might be appropriate to write a more personal entry and give you a little bit of background on me as the author of this blog. So, allow me to tell you a little about who I am and what I do. My name is James, and at my real job (ie not […]

The Occasional Joke

There may be a few of you who remember my old “occasional jokes” list that I maintained. Though that particular list kinda ran out of steam, I have attempted to ressurrect it by creating “yet another” blog, this one with occasional jokes that I have found or received. You’re welcome to check it out. It […]

Website Design Tips is a brand new blog that I have just started, the purpose of which is to inform website designers, programmers and CSS coders of the latest and greatest tips, tricks and strategies in website design. My desire is to help webmasters to be informed of and use the best possible tools in […]

As an added benefit to our authors and contributors, we are now offering the ability for advertising revenue from posts made by authors with Google Adsense accounts, to be credited to their personal accounts, rather than that of The Technology Blog. If you regularly find cool gadgets or inventions on the web and would like […]

Birthday Special

[kml_flashembed movie=”″ height=”250″ width=”400″ /] Today is my birthday, and as such, I think today’s post needs to have something to do with something I like. One thing I enjoy flying RC Planes, and I thought this video clip was just too cool to pass up. If anyone knows what plane he’s flying and/or wants […]

Welcome to the Technology Blog. This blog is going to contain articles, entries and links about various developments in the technological and scientific world. We are also welcoming visitor input, so if you know of any interesting technological developments or cool scientific discoveries, let us know, and we’ll probably post it here. We hope you […]


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