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Favorite BBQ Grills

A friend of mine recently posted a link to the “Bread Breaker Dual-Fuel Hybrid Grill“, a very expensive barbecue which allows you grill over a variety of flame types (wood, charcoal or gas) and even combine flames for unique smoky flavors. On looking at it though, the barbecue seems to lack a certain visual appeal, […]

Glow In The Dark Pebbles

These glow in the dark pebbles would actually be a really useful addition to a sidewalk or garden path, outside the house I hope to one day buy. They look fairly unremarkable during the day, but at night would glow for up to six hours after the sun goes down, allowing those late night parties […]

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.wienerstick.com/show.swf” height=”190″ width=”470″ /] Do you enjoy barbecuing? Check out The Original WienerStick. Recently invented by a Canadian inventor near Vancouver, the Original WienerStick is designed to make the task of barbecuing hotdogs, wieners and even chicken much easier. Food cooked on the WienerStick does not require turning or constant supervision as hotdogs on […]

Those who like S’mores, but hesitate (or are unable) to build the bonfire that normally goes with them, may wish to check out this table-top S’mores maker. Looks like it comes with just the burner assembly, not all the “fixin’s”. Fuel sold seperately. Found on: Just What I Wanted!

Automatic lawn mowers have been out for a while now, although I’ve never heard of anyone who owned one. No idea how well they work in the real world, so if you know of someone who has used one, let me know how it was. This robotic mower, is dubbed “RoboMower” and apparently takes care […]

Tap Temperature Light

Now you can avoid scalding your hands when you turn on the tap. The Light Delight has small lights in it that change color depending on the temperature of the water. Found on: Tech Ticker


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