I was recently directed to look at the DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN Flash Drive from EDGE Tech. It actually looks like a pretty sweet product. The two key features that they promote about it are it’s durability as well as the hardware based 256-bit AES encryption. Not bad for up to an 8 GB flash drive. […]

I’m sure that all of us have been in traffic at some point and had the desire communicate something to the idiots (or friends) driving behind us. While some may use a certain finger to indicate their feelings, others might prefer a more geeky … er technological approach. Let me introduce the drivemocion, “an illuminating […]

Speed Sensing Baseball

Want a cool gift for your dad? This baseball can clock speeds of up to 100 miles per hour so he can figure out how well he really does bat! Originally found at: Gear Factor

Build an Enigma Machine

If you are at all familiar with the spying technology and/or encryption techniques of World War II, you will have heard of the Enigma encryption machine. This machine was used as an encryption device by the German army during WWII and was thought to be uncrackable. During WWII the German army used Enigma coding machines […]

First hybrid cars, now hybrid bikes. This electric powered bike lets you pedal or just cruise to work with ease, at up to 20 miles in an hour with no pedalling. Then, once you’re at work, you can fold it up and stick it by your desk. Pretty sweet, though I’d go for the m-750X […]

The WheelMan

Too lazy to skate? This thing will do all the work for you! And it kinda looks like fun. Sorta like a squashed pocket-bike ridden like a skate-board. Found on Wired.

The Quadski

Not sure if the Quadski is legit or not, because I couldn’t find anywhere to buy them, but if it is, I’d sure like one. This Quad turns from a land vehicle into a water craft in 5 seconds and at the push of a button. Top speed of 72 km/h (50 mph). Found on:Gizmowatch

The USB Cup Warmer

Well, coming from the semi-useless gadget dept. we have the USB Cup Warmer. Looks like something that might come out of Apple labs, except that it is USB and doesn’t appear to glow in odd places. Just be sure your cup doesn’t have non-metal/glass parts… could get messy. You could pick one up here.

Birthday Special

[kml_flashembed movie=”″ height=”250″ width=”400″ /] Today is my birthday, and as such, I think today’s post needs to have something to do with something I like. One thing I enjoy flying RC Planes, and I thought this video clip was just too cool to pass up. If anyone knows what plane he’s flying and/or wants […]

Wow, seems like you buy something new, and almost immediately they come out with an even newer version. A couple months ago, I bought a Canon S2 IS Digital camera, which both my wife and I really like using for our nature photography hobby. And yet, now that I’ve just managed to “break in” the […]


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