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I was recently directed to look at the DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN Flash Drive from EDGE Tech. It actually looks like a pretty sweet product. The two key features that they promote about it are it’s durability as well as the hardware based 256-bit AES encryption. Not bad for up to an 8 GB flash drive. […]

GumStix NetStix

The GumStix NetStix is one seriously small computer. Measuring a mere 1×5 inches, the machine has a 400MHz Intel processor, 64 Megs of internal memory and a CompactFlash slot for expanding the memory. The coolest part? It’s Linux based. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much more info on this thing, so I’m not sure how one […]

New LCD Keyboard

Every key is a small colour LCD screen which can be customized for different applications. It even has blank keys that can be cutomized for individual applicaitons (shown above). Found on:

Christopher_G_Lewis writes “Today Microsoft announced that it is ‘not feasible to make the extensive changes necessary to Windows Explorer on Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (ME) to eliminate the vulnerability’ to fix Security Bulletin MS06-15. Granted, the vulnerability is easily prevented by basic firewalling, but this […]

No more looking down at your keyboard to find the right key. You can’t because it’s blank! It’s supposed to force you to type by feel rather than by sight, and that (they claim) can make you type up to 100% faster. And for those who like the old IBM style “CLICK” keys, this one’s […]

Elitegroup has developed a laptop that will run for 500 hours on a single battery charge. Demonstrated at Computex 2006, the laptop has an additional built in 2 inch LCD screen which works while the machine is not even turned on. It seems that the small LCD is run by it’s own processor, the same […]

“The vOICe”

This is a simple but ingenious computer program that translates an image into an audio “code” that, with practice, the brain is capable of translating back into an image. It can be used by a person who is completely blind to “see” again in a rudimentary way. How it works: For reference, think about the […]

Sweet! Now I’ll be able to get that USB hair dryer I always wanted! … er … yeah…. A new USB connection is being developed to deliver approximately 12 time more power than conventional USB connections. This opens up a whole new realm of USB connectable gadgets, not to mention a need for yet more […]

Very soon you will be able to purchase your own personal supercomputer. Taiwan based company Tyan is planning to ship this “deskside personal supercomputer” in August. The Typhoon will “blow you away” according to Tyan CEO Symon Change. The supercomputer is powered by 8 Intel low voltage ‘Woodcrest’ Xeon processors on four removable motherboard units. […]

According to the very little information known, Buffalo will be launching an 8GB flash drive by the end of next month – only in Japan. Called the RUF2-R-S, this high storage drive is 19×91x14mm and weighs 20g. Found on: Gizmowatch Picture Credit: Akihabara News


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