Having just come back from a somewhat long business trip, I’m sure I would have found a use for one of these little units. According to their website, Inflight Power has developed an ingenious little attachment that can be plugged in to the audio jack on an airplane, and will convert that signal to power, […]

Modern flight relies on the ability of a plane to move fast enough for the wings to generate lift. In order to obtain and maintain the speed required for this lift, large engines consuming large amounts of fuel are required. But what if one were to create a plane that was lighter than air. This […]

The SkyKitten

The SkyKitten is a demonstration model of a helium filled, hybrid air vehicle capable of takeoff and landing in a variety of terrains. Produced by World SkyCat, these vehicles are capable of Vertical Takeoff and Landing and would be able to carry payloads ranging between 20 and 1000 tons. Read more about them here. Found […]


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