DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN Flash Drive

I was recently directed to look at the DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN Flash Drive from EDGE Tech. It actually looks like a pretty sweet product. The two key features that they promote about it are it’s durability as well as the hardware based 256-bit AES encryption. Not bad for up to an 8 GB flash drive.

Read and write speeds seem decent at 25 MB / second and 16 MB / second respectively. It’s built for USB 2.0 but backward compatible to USB 1.1. The flash drive also comes with a Lifetime warrenty and free tech support.

Unfortunately for those of us who run Ubuntu Linux or Mac’s, there is no mention of support for operating systems other than Windows 2000+. As I have not actually received one to test, I can’t speak to how it would function on these systems.

You can find more details here on the DiskGO™ Secure GUARDIAN™ Flash Drive product page

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