Favorite BBQ Grills


A friend of mine recently posted a link to the “Bread Breaker Dual-Fuel Hybrid Grill“, a very expensive barbecue which allows you grill over a variety of flame types (wood, charcoal or gas) and even combine flames for unique smoky flavors. On looking at it though, the barbecue seems to lack a certain visual appeal, appearing to be not so different from your regular back-yard grill. Personally, if I’m going to spend $12000 on a BBQ, it better look pretty awesome, as well as making great steaks. So, here are some other contenders for the title of “Most Awesome Barbecue Ever!”.

The Locomotive BBQ Grill – sold on E-Bay for $12000.

Hemi-Powered V8 Barbecue – can cook 240 HEMI dogs in three minutes and is covered by more than 330 square feet of steel

Lynx Professional Grills – not for small back-yards

The USB BBQ – Grill meat right at your desk

Of course, with all of these barbecues, you should not forget to use your Original WienerStick barbecue accessory!

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