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I am very excited to announce my release of a new WordPress plugin called AmazonFeed.  This plugin will allow you to make money on your website as an affiliate.  It enables you to automatically advertise products from which are specifically related to the topic you are writing about.


  • Automatically load category or tag related products from
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  • NOT JavaScript based, meaning it is not hidden from users with no JavaScript capability.

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DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN Flash Drive

I was recently directed to look at the DiskGO Secure GUARDIAN Flash Drive from EDGE Tech. It actually looks like a pretty sweet product. The two key features that they promote about it are it’s durability as well as the hardware based 256-bit AES encryption. Not bad for up to an 8 GB flash drive.

Read and write speeds seem decent at 25 MB / second and 16 MB / second respectively. It’s built for USB 2.0 but backward compatible to USB 1.1. The flash drive also comes with a Lifetime warrenty and free tech support.

Unfortunately for those of us who run Ubuntu Linux or Mac’s, there is no mention of support for operating systems other than Windows 2000+. As I have not actually received one to test, I can’t speak to how it would function on these systems.

You can find more details here on the DiskGO™ Secure GUARDIAN™ Flash Drive product page

Favorite BBQ Grills


A friend of mine recently posted a link to the “Bread Breaker Dual-Fuel Hybrid Grill“, a very expensive barbecue which allows you grill over a variety of flame types (wood, charcoal or gas) and even combine flames for unique smoky flavors. On looking at it though, the barbecue seems to lack a certain visual appeal, appearing to be not so different from your regular back-yard grill. Personally, if I’m going to spend $12000 on a BBQ, it better look pretty awesome, as well as making great steaks. So, here are some other contenders for the title of “Most Awesome Barbecue Ever!”.

The Locomotive BBQ Grill – sold on E-Bay for $12000.

Hemi-Powered V8 Barbecue – can cook 240 HEMI dogs in three minutes and is covered by more than 330 square feet of steel

Lynx Professional Grills – not for small back-yards

The USB BBQ – Grill meat right at your desk

Of course, with all of these barbecues, you should not forget to use your Original WienerStick barbecue accessory!

The MDI Air Car

So I think I’ve found the next car I’d like to buy for commuting purposes. The MDI Air Car runs completely on compressed air, and can be driven up to 200-300 KM’s on a single tank of air. It has no pollution, and in fact uses some of the air from the exhaust for air conditioning in the cab. (the exhaust is quite cold)

The coolest part is that you can either refill in a couple minutes at a modified gas station, or just plug in at home at night, and the onboard air compressor will refill the tanks for you!

You can read more about it by visiting their website.

Cheap Cure for Cancer?


The University of Alberta is working to develop what they hope will be a cheap and simple cure for cancer. Apparently, a simple molecule called dichloroacetate or DCA (pictured above) is currently being tested as a treatment to shrink cancerous tumours. According to research done by a 1930 biochemist named Otto Warburg, cancerous cells use a process called glycolysis to supply energy to themselves. DCA prevents this process, while leaving other bodily cells undamaged.

DCA is a drug that “boosts” the function of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy-producing units within cells and they regulate the energy production in the body (i.e. the metabolism). Cancer somehow suppresses the function of mitochondria and by achieving this it gains “eternal life”. We believe that cancer cells die when the mitochondria are “normalized” or boosted by DCA. Because these effects in mitochondria occur only in cancer and not normal cells, we believe that DCA will not have the significant side effects (hair loss, nausea, heart failure etc) that many standard chemotherapies have. – Taken from the DCA FAQ

Unfortunately, the fact that DCA has been around for a while is both a blessing and a curse. Due to it’s age, DCA cannot be patented, and as such is not worth the money that it would take to put the drug through the necessary clinical trials. Drug companies who put it through clinical trials would not be able to prevent rivals from making the drug themselves, and as such would not be able to charge exorbitant fees for it in order to remain competitive.

It seems ridiculous that such a huge discovery would be blocked by greed. It makes me wonder how well the concept of “open-source” would apply to the medical world. Just a thought…

For more information on what the University of Alberta and the Alberta Cancer Board are doing about this, please visit their website.

Originally found on: New Scientist Short Sharp Science blog: A cheap and simple cure for cancer?

X-Wing Starfighter Car

StarWars X-Wing Starfighter Car

This is WAY too cool not to write about. It would seem that the geeky owner of this Honda Del Sol has converted his entire car to look like a StarWars X-Wing starfighter. Except for the lack of wings, it looks pretty decent … not that I would ever drive such a thing…. heh heh.

Found on Neatorama

Paintball Tank

Paintball Tank

I happen to be a fan of simulated war-games like paintball or my current favorite Airsoft.  I’m not sure I’d want to participate in a battle against this monster though.  This 17 tonne FV432 armoured personnel carrier has been specially modified to fire 40 mm paintball rounds at anyone who happens to get in your way.  Residing in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, the paintball tank is available for rent and comes with an onboard instructor,  radio headsets, kevlar helmets, tank suits and gloves.  Apparently it only costs £ 74.

Found on: Hacked Gadgets


The ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle) bike is a hydrogen powered motorcycle, currently under development by Intelligent Energy. It is based around the CORE fuel cell, which acts like a large rechargable, swappable battery.

ENV CoresPictured on the right, the Core fuel cell is completely detachable from the bike, and is intended for use in multiple applications from boats to the ENV bike, to small domestic properties. The ENV bike can be powered for up to 4 hours of driving on the Core, and is capable of traveling up to 50 mph (80 km/h).

The bike has no gears and is strictly defined as a motorbike, although it feels to riders more like a very quick and responsive mountain bike. ‘ENV is light, fast and fun’, commented Seymourpowell director Nick Talbot. ‘It has good ground clearance, great off-road suspension travel and a very carefully considered power to weight ratio.Intelligent Energy

My question is… with technologies like this already available, why is it taking so long for hydrogen power to be adopted on a wide scale?

Originally found on: Gadgets for Fun Blog

Neuromotor Prosthesis Brainwave Sensor

A science team in Massachusetts has developed a brain sensor called a Neuromotor Prosthesis, which has allowed a paralyzed man to open email, play computer games and manipulate a prosthetic hand, simply by using his mind.

According to the article on BBC Mathew Nagle, the man on whom the device was tested, has been paralyzed from the neck down since a knife attack in 2001.  In the tests, he was able to perform a number of activities using mind control to a computer interface.

Originally Found on: Coolest Gadgets

GumStix NetStix

GumStix NetStix Computer

The GumStix NetStix is one seriously small computer. Measuring a mere 1×5 inches, the machine has a 400MHz Intel processor, 64 Megs of internal memory and a CompactFlash slot for expanding the memory. The coolest part? It’s Linux based.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much more info on this thing, so I’m not sure how one might interface with it, or what use it would be, but it’s still VERY cool.

Found on: Gizmowatch


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